Who am I?

1) I have made a big list of dreams and you can find it here.
2) I am very fond of birds and cats of all sizes, and dogs of large size, especially yellow ones.
3) I learned to drive by riding a motorcycle and I still drive an automobile as if I were still racing a motorcycle, e.g., braking before the corner and accelerating through the corner; taking the straightest line feasible to shorten the distance; and keeping an eye on the moves of the other drivers. Oh. And I hold a steering wheel as if I was operating a tractor.
4) Through racing–including running the 4×440 relay, the 2.5 mile, and schlogging my Honda in the mud at Startup–I honed philosophies of life, including: never quit mid-race and never race PowderPuff class.
5) Musicians and mathematicians make me hot. Don’t know that I’ve had a lover who wasn’t one or the other or both, unless he was an artist.
6) I own 31.36 acres in the remote hills of NE Washington. There are deer, bear, big cats, and spruce grouse who reside thereabouts. In the spring, very rare wild orchids bloom beside the creek.
7) I never delete the phone numbers and email addresses of my dead friends from my address book; running across them causes me to pause and reflect on our lives.
8) Friends don’t leave me alone in the kitchen. Not if the stove is on anyway.
9) Fire has ravaged my life four times (none that I’ve set). The whole Phoenix from the ashes thing–over-rated.
10) I had a custom-made wetsuit when I was four. I remember my Grandmother rubber-cementing the seams to make it and there was a yellow octopus on the chest. I used to wear it to play in Puget Sound while my father and uncle wrestled giant octopus. No one ever believes me when I say that.
11) I attended 10 schools before graduating from high school.
12) My Myers-Briggs rating is I N T/F P. Heavy on the introvert and intuitive.
13) What with #s 11 and 12, I didn’t learn to talk to people until I was in my late-20s / early-30s. Serious.
14) And that’s why I became a writer.
15) The older I get, the more I love glitter and sparkles. You ought to start to worry and intervene if I also start wearing a lot of purple and feathers. Please.
16) I have learned that material things are not important. Although I have learned that, I am still striving to implement that knowledge into my life.
17) I’m on a mission. I’m having a little trouble though, because I can’t remember what it is.
18) Like most American women, I’ve been sexually assaulted. While I was pursuing compensation for the “damage” I had to have a psych evaluation. After hours of questions, the doctor asked me if I ever got bored. I could have peed my pants laughing. I think the last time I was bored was on a hot summer day when I was ten and really just needed a nap.
19) I can kill you with my bare hands, although I’d rather use my feet.
20) Which is unrelated, really, to the fact that I got my hunting license when I was eight–old enough to read the exam and write my answers. I’ve killed (and eaten) pheasant, duck, and grouse. I’ve fired guns from the small American Arms .22 caliber revolver to the .458 Winchester Magnum (elephant gun). But these days all I’d shoot really is skeet or a target, and I can’t bear to kill even a spider.
21) When I was a girl, I used to wish it would rain angel food cakes. I really thought if I wished hard enough it would happen.
22) I know all kinds of things, that I can’t explain how I know them.
23) I abhor the idea of “exercise”, it seems wasteful. But I love to chop and stack wood, or pull weeds, or tote loads of building materials.
24) I can spend hours sitting, doing “nothing”. And if I can be on a warm beach beside the sea for this, I am in bliss. Although I’m then highly likely to break out the oil pastels and begin painting–at which point I’ll be in double-bliss.
25) And when I’m not in bliss, I love to swoon.

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kc April 15, 2009 at 3:35 pm

Leila, I love your web site….
I wish the HHH web site was a blog, would be more interesting. I don’t have the energy to pursue changing that right now. You might consider creating a link to your site from heronhelpers.org

Alissa September 5, 2009 at 9:21 am

hi there, i came across your blog while trying to register for WordCamp Seattle :) there is a list of attendees. i was scrolling through to see if i knew anyone that was going to be attending. your domain caught my eye. nice reading. alas, WordCamp is full. No training / networking for me.

Leila September 5, 2009 at 4:50 pm

Alissa, thanks for the visit. As of sometime yesterday, there were 50 tickets added. http://wordcampseattle.eventbrite.com/

smile January 6, 2010 at 8:41 am

i like you:) came across you because you had a link to some research i was doing. you can look me up by my email address, at least the pre@ part if you want to see who i am. hope your pain subsides and life takes on some new sunshine in a new decade. break-ups, and worse, divorces, no one needs that trauma. peace.

Kim Gunn-Stone February 12, 2010 at 12:27 pm

I saw your FB comment when Diana Lucas asked what you would be doing this weekend which led me to your ( Y O U R ) FB profile and this website. Don’t you think every day should include “some kind of misbehaving?” I know I do!

Larry Hyatt April 3, 2010 at 12:50 pm

I am Jon Melusky’s dad. Occasional bowler with Beth and friends.
You already are the love that you seek.

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