SHINE, did

July 16, 2010

A simple review of Shine: a Burlesque Musical: Go See It. And for some possibly pertinent tidbits: Burlesque Music Dancing Silly, sexy, and sarcastic humor, and Innuendo In well-balanced doses Rampant references to kinky sex Includes three of my favorite Seattle performers, Polly Wood, the’Luminous Pariah, and Paris Original Five Seattle shows remaining, as of [...]

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Gold at the End of the Rainbow

May 20, 2010

Yesterday there was a huge rainbow in the early evening sky. David and I saw it from my window; he explained that it was made up of particles and smog. I argued that rainbows are what happen when angels have orgasms. Later, in my sleep, I dreamed that the rainbow had come closer and closer [...]

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21st century, rules change, rules stay the same

April 14, 2010

A few things to cover today. Succinctly, sex, sex, sex. ∞ First up, dating and sex and the infernal question, “Who Pays?”. As in, we are on a first date, who pays? And the question is answered with humour and insight by Single Ape. I especially like how he says When you ask someone out, [...]

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Serious wtf.

April 11, 2010

Things have been going along pretty swell. I’ve had myself on the he-is-dead plan and on lock-down—no meandering into spaces where my ex might be or may have left a trail. It’s been working okay, and with the new paradigm and regime, my number of melt-downs has diminished to almost nil. Nice. I have been [...]

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looking back to move forward

February 25, 2010

I am ready for this pain to leave. I want to stop hating. I want to return to writing here about beauty. But the hurt continues. I sit and look out the window at the glorious pink of the blooming cherry trees, and tears stream down my face–I am sad and angry and confused. And [...]

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Meet the family

July 23, 2009

I bought a dress to wear to the family reunion! Finding the right dress is an accomplishment–something traditional that suits my non-traditional sensibilities. Something that will be attractive but not overtly sexy, something charming but not white-bread. In other words, something neutral yet unique. A challenge, eh? The Reunion is in September in Missouri and [...]

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Love and Sensuality = Erotic

May 10, 2009

My dear, dear friend, Tiberio Simone, is an artist of many dimensions. Now he might tell you that he works with food, and technically that is true. But at the core of whatever he creates, is love. I have had the joy of being in his kitchen, where time and time again I have seen [...]

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December 21, 2008

Just threw an assortment of expired condoms in the trash. It’s been two years since I needed any, and these have been kicking around in the bottom of my sex-basket. I kept them around I guess for the same reason I kept spermicide and morning-after pills–in case one or another visitor to the house might [...]

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