Streamline Adventure – Day Three

July 31, 2010

Today’s big accomplishments were to: pay my brother for all the diesel we used in the pressure washer while cleaning the inside of the trailer, clean up the debris left in the trailer after pressure-washing the paint, and, take rough measurements of the floor plan and windows and cabinets. Oh, and make a list of [...]

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Sandman, Please Come A-Knockin’

July 19, 2010

Something I’ve not been good at saving is my dreams, my sleep-time meanderings. I used to remember my dreams quite easily, but quite awhile ago they began to elude me once I woke. Perhaps it was part of aging, I don’t know. But this weird thing happened about a month ago. I was having a [...]

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Saved by the bell, so to speak

July 17, 2010

I had an interesting idea last night, as I was settling in for a night’s sleep. I considered grabbing my phone and recording a voice memo, but talked myself out of it, believing I was still plenty awake to recall my thought in the morning. Yep, you guessed it. This morning I had no clue [...]

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SHINE, did

July 16, 2010

A simple review of Shine: a Burlesque Musical: Go See It. And for some possibly pertinent tidbits: Burlesque Music Dancing Silly, sexy, and sarcastic humor, and Innuendo In well-balanced doses Rampant references to kinky sex Includes three of my favorite Seattle performers, Polly Wood, the’Luminous Pariah, and Paris Original Five Seattle shows remaining, as of [...]

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SHINE, a “talented family of sexpots and misfits”

July 15, 2010

I almost saved $10.00 today, but I bought my tickets to SHINE: A burlesque musical about 20 minutes before a discount code was announced via Twitter. Technically I could have canceled my purchase and then bought a discounted ticket, but that seemed sort of silly and the money goes to a good cause, so I [...]

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Using my tools and talents for good

July 13, 2010

Today I came up with another idea for making use of some of the vintage things I have saved—pocket notebooks with postcards as covers. These were pretty fun and easy to make, but of course the right tools made that so. These included: bone folder booklet stapler colored staples fancy die-cutting device for rounding corners [...]

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Off With Her . . .

July 11, 2010

I had thought that this month’s NaBloPoMo theme of “Saved” would be a perfect one for me to use for exploring my own proclivity for acquiring and preserving odd bits. And, I suppose it still is. It’s just that I keep meandering off into thoughts of the things that I have lost—quite the opposite of [...]

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Hit the Road, Jack

July 9, 2010

Next week I go on my first Airstream adventure. This photo is of the fer-true rig that I’ll be camping in, not just some purely representative image I dug up on the Internet. :) This is the same Airstream that my (ex) husband and I tried to buy from my brother awhile back, but couldn’t [...]

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Save ice in the winter

July 8, 2010

More talk today about preservation. This time Suesanne and I were comparing notes about how each of our great grandfathers would cut and save ice in the winter for use in the summer. It must have been early 1900s when they were doing this, her great grandfather in North Dakota and mine in western Montana. [...]

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Against a tide

July 7, 2010

This evening we talked of things we did as kids. Something in the conversation got me to remembering a time when I was about eight and my family was out on Puget Sound in our old Chris-Craft cabin cruiser for one of our weekend wanderings through the waterways. We’d stopped at some little cove and [...]

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