Road Trip – Malo > Wilbur > Coulee Dam and back

March 19, 2012

Took a road trip today. My brother drove, and I took photographs. Lots. First we stopped and looked at old beaters. And then we drove to the Keller Ferry and rode across Lake Roosevelt. The ferry captain even backed up the ferry to load us on, even though he’d already left the dock. After we [...]

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Re-define My Impossible

February 2, 2012

Last Friday night I ran my first 5K. There is so much wrapped up in that short statement, the gist of which is: I did the impossible! im•pos•si•ble |im′päsəbəl| adjective not able to occur, exist, or be done When I registered for this run on October 27, 2011, there was NO WAY I could run [...]

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Opt Out

November 15, 2010

Remember those X-ray glasses we longed for as children? The advertisements were in the back of comic books: See right through clothes! The TSA has those now. They cost $100,000 a set* and are in use in airports throughout the United States (and have been in use in some airports since 2008). Next time you [...]

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Something in My Roots

July 28, 2010

Granted, my wheat heritage is based in Montana, and my recent travels through wheat country were in Washington, but the colors and the vistas are so identical and my deep response, the way my heart resonants at the scene, wheat has got to be in my blood. The thing I cannot figure out though, is [...]

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Using my tools and talents for good

July 13, 2010

Today I came up with another idea for making use of some of the vintage things I have saved—pocket notebooks with postcards as covers. These were pretty fun and easy to make, but of course the right tools made that so. These included: bone folder booklet stapler colored staples fancy die-cutting device for rounding corners [...]

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Hit the Road, Jack

July 9, 2010

Next week I go on my first Airstream adventure. This photo is of the fer-true rig that I’ll be camping in, not just some purely representative image I dug up on the Internet. :) This is the same Airstream that my (ex) husband and I tried to buy from my brother awhile back, but couldn’t [...]

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It is the little stuff

November 24, 2009

Tomorrow I have to get to the airport to catch a plane. No big thing, I know. But. For the last three years getting myself to the airport has not been my “job”; that’s something my husband dealt with. Whatever city we were in, whatever time the plane left–all I had to do was ask [...]

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curse of mercury

March 8, 2009

New realm for me, the studio. Watching how this music recording thing works. I have no ear for this. I try, believe me. But I just don’t hear the things that the average human hears, let alone what these engineer, producer, musician people hear. However, I can sit here and watch, and be fascinated. It’s [...]

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the truth about awe-some

February 20, 2009

The alarm this morning rang at 5:27, although I woke about a quarter hour earlier. The aim was to be at the Buzz’s Wharf by 6:30 and there was a half hour drive ahead of us. So, early to rise. A bright white sliver of moon floated above in the dark, a fine halo around [...]

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Some artsy photos from my day today.

February 20, 2009

And something to get us moving along.

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