The Next Chapter

Day Six – UN-happy anniversary

November 7, 2008

Today, I am the clutter to be cleared. After less than a week of working with “Soul Coaching”, the truth about my marriage is on the table, and from my husband’s perspective, I need to go. So of course the good news is that I don’t have to walk through my life with a vague [...]

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Day Five – air air air air

November 6, 2008

Up at three this morning, two time zones east of my usual abode, so I guess that’s actually 1 a.m. I was prone but loudly rustling around in my head. Wind outside clattering the flagpole rigging and making a shadow dance on the wall outside our hotel room window. Dash out the door at 6:45 [...]

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Day Four – feeling the air in St. Louis

November 5, 2008

The weather today in St. Louis is remarkable. 3:39 p.m. here, sitting on the steps outside the factory with a nice breeze blowing across my neck and the dying leaves in the tree above me dancing, and making their own musical accompaniment as the dry leaves rustle against one another. Across the street, some small [...]

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Day two – spent in the air

November 3, 2008

Just settling in at the hotel in St. Louis, after a simple flight, with a landing that was so well done that I kept waiting for us to land–that gentle. Spent a good portion of the flight working on the exercises for Day Two, and then tackling levels two and three of Day One, since [...]

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Day One – Air week

November 2, 2008

Tomorrow we fly again. I am fond of flying, the actual flight part of it (airport security and luggage check-in and all that, argh). Actually, I am fond of all things airborne, except perhaps for pollen, smog, and dust that gets in my eyes. I love the birds, and their shapes in the distance, the [...]

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Day One minus one

November 1, 2008

First day of this adventure. The “Soul Coaching” journey is formatted in 28 days, and November having 30 days, our fearless leader has tacked an assignment onto each end of those 28 days. Today we are to blog about the preparations, feelings about the book’s introduction, and about starting this journey. Interestingly, right now I [...]

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Day One minus two

October 31, 2008

Tomorrow begins my foray into NaBloPoMo combined with The Next Chapter–a blog book group. The book of the month is “Soul Coaching” which at first glance borders upon some of my verboten territory: woo woo self-help. But the opportunities and notions to do this presented themselves to me in undeniable fashion, and you know how [...]

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