How to do jury duty

October 11, 2006

In King County (Washington) Superior Court, here’s how it goes. You arrive. They scan the bar code on your summons, give you a Juror Biographical Form, and point you to the clipboards on the wall. The double doors on your left open into a large, and on this day, very sunny and warm room full [...]

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Live, from the Kent Regional Justice Center

October 11, 2006

Today is the day I get to do some civic duty. Here I sit, where I’ve sat for 2 hours and 19 minutes so far this morning, awaiting my name to be called so that I can be assigned a number so that I can be served a summons so that I can be pulled [...]

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Jury Duty & Circus Contraption

October 9, 2006

I made myself a very tidy ToDo List before leaving the office today, and now I cannot find it; I must have left it on the desk, which means of course that I have nothing more pressing ToDo than meddle with this blog. My friend Dominique, whom I think is probably the epitome of Dork, [...]

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r.s.v.p. – it's not a word, it's a duty

July 28, 2006

People. People. People. “r.s.v.p.” It’s not that hard. You get the Evite, you look at your calendar, you make a decision, you share it with the entity who invited you. “Yes” “No” “Maybe” There’s only three choices. Just select one, okay? Yeah, sure. Sometimes the event is weeks and weeks away, and you’ve got other [...]

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July 11, 2006

Strange morning today. I never did narrow in on what was responsible for my feelings that my commute was surreal, but it was. The bumper stickers seemed incongruous with their autos’ drivers. The traffic lights seemed to coordinate an effort to slow my travels. “My” regular DJ’s playmix seemed odd and out of character. I [...]

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June 30, 2006

I will be at The Beach for the Fourth. “The Beach” is my friends/family’s place on Camano Island, the spot we’ve been going to for summer holidays for more than twenty years. For us, the Fourth, is steeped in traditions, explosives are key. A standard Fourth of July activity in our group is called Tank [...]

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simple stuff

June 29, 2006

Today I learned not to use the last towel from a roll of paper towels to clean glass. The last towel on the roll is glued to the cardboard tube. The glue, activated with my glass cleaning product, makes for subtle smears on the glass. Who knew?

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slow down people

April 25, 2006

Please. Look. Those automobiles we use, they really are the WMDs. No, I’m not whining about fossil fuel abuse. I’m concerned about the pure physical destructive potential that is inherent in moving automobiles. They are big. Heavy. Brutal. And, check this out. Sometimes we are not in charge of their destiny. Sometimes people come out [...]

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sights to avoid

April 10, 2006

There is nothing more stupid looking than a human at the end of the leash of a dog who is defecating. Dog squatting, human on a leash, mustering every possible iota of nonchalance. Dumb look no matter how much cool the human has in every other moment of life. Okay. Dumber sight even. Human sashaying [...]

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living in an old beer factory

March 21, 2006

Somehow I became convinced this would be a good idea, taking up residence in the old Rainier Brewery–you know, the one next to Interstate 5 with the big red R on top, only now the R is a T, a T for Tully’s. Anyway. Way back like in September I answered an ad that was [...]

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