49 Days – Days 37 – 43, Cali

February 19, 2012

Wednesday, January 25, 2012. 9:11 p.m. landing in LAX for the third leg of my 49 Days of adventure. Meeting up with the lovely Olivia to spend some time sharing in her college-life, and running in the 5K portion of Tinkerbell Half-Marathon Weekend. Good times. Good times. (Did I really just say that?) First stop [...]

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Re-define My Impossible

February 2, 2012

Last Friday night I ran my first 5K. There is so much wrapped up in that short statement, the gist of which is: I did the impossible! im•pos•si•ble |im′päsəbəl| adjective not able to occur, exist, or be done When I registered for this run on October 27, 2011, there was NO WAY I could run [...]

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Why we are anti-bah-humbug

November 26, 2011

Dear Spencer, We have the rare good fortune of having a large, loving family. This is why you have so much excitement about Christmas. Our family has a collection of holiday traditions, many of them long-standing. Because the way we “do” Christmas is what you have always known, I suppose it is difficult to imagine [...]

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Fly like the wind, Bullseye

November 13, 2011

So, in a fit of spontaneity, I agreed to run a half-marathon with my niece, Olivia. Take note, that although I was quite the long-distance runner in high school, uh, I haven’t done much running for decades. I will ask you to also note, that I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and I don’t have [...]

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Maybe There is a Good Reason They Died Young

April 27, 2011

I am beginning to wonder if my mother and her mother weren’t spot-on when they died young. Both of them died in their fifties, and I have always thought they died too early. I’ve always thought that living only 50-some years is a short life. But now that I am here myself—54 years old—I can [...]

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With Some Air and Abrasive

March 21, 2011

Today my brother pulled out bundles of yellow and rust-brown airhose and a pneumatic die grinder, and chopped off the aluminum parts that I wanted gone from my Streamline trailer. I am thrilled with the difference this has made—opening up the front of the trailer to the back, and by “revealing” the window that was [...]

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The Afterward Project

February 23, 2011

Here we have the beginnings of a new project of mine. The first iteration of the Afterward Project is currently shipping to a conscripted beta tester; I can’t reveal too much about it until her test begins. However, I can tell you that the core of the Project begins with these tags that I am [...]

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2010, A Year of My Life

December 29, 2010

I am a quiet girl, prone to moving through life at a turtle’s pace and to doing things at small, detailed levels. I am not one for making big splashes, yet I know I can have profound effects. Nevertheless, when I look back at my life, sometimes I feel like I haven’t done much; the [...]

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Thanks. No really, I mean it.

November 25, 2010

So often these days I feel like my life is one big trudge uphill, with little breaks now and then during which I bang my head against a stone wall. Daily life sucks up hours for chores, just for maintenance of daily life. And it seems like every other thing I go to do, well, [...]

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W 02732

November 12, 2010

I don’t expect you to get very excited about this … but, this is super cool. A 1958 license plate, for a trailer, Washington state. It’s super cool because 1958 is the year of manufacture of my Streamline trailer, and I could actually use this plate as my for-true license plate if I wanted to [...]

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