The Next Day of the Rest of My Life

August 27, 2010

This was pretty much the start of my day today. And it’s not even my truck that lost the muffler. So much for my Girl Scout training about leaving things better than I found them. (And by the way, those are my trees reflected on the side of the truck.) Most of the rest of [...]

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Seattle Ghost Tour

October 28, 2006

Photo used without permission of the Seattle Post Intelligencer Seattle’s Pike Place Market is well known for “flying fish”, a giant bronze Pig, and, The Clock, a triangulation of landmarks which has become a common meeting place for folks gathering in The Market. Last Thursday night, I gathered there with half a dozen friends and [...]

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clearly, it’s not about the money

March 7, 2006

So, Michelle tells me, “I think I saw you in the new ‘Seattle Metropolitan’, that Brides of March thing.” Weird. But I have worn the white wedding gown a couple of times for the traipse through Seattle streets to blissfully wed some phallic object or another in our landscape, so, it was entirely possible that [...]

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