A Walk to My Place

November 7, 2012

This morning, the resident dog and I took a walk up to my place. I took one hundred or so photographs along the way. Over a distance of about one mile, these photos show a bit of how the terrain and scenery changes along the way. I haven’t added captions, but if you mouse-over each photo a bit of descriptive text will appear.

good morning

rusty steel

No Hunting

Big rocks and yellow grass

Big trees and sky

country road

Hunk of grass and big rocks

rocks and baby pine trees

grumpy stump

caw caw


aspen sky

aspen sky

country road with dog

forest debris

my sister's woods

storm damage

tenactious tree

old roots

country road

sky over weeds

washed by rain


fork in the road

road to mom and dad's

pig sty

abandoned trough

pig sty

look into the sun

classic rusty farm implement shot

aspen and storm brewing

bush apple tree storm

old apple and pine trees

gnarly storm

classic rose hip shot with storm

ancient apple trees with storm

classic apple tree shot

yellow hills

skid trail

I spy with my little eye, the box in the woods

the view from the box, baby

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Shanti August 11, 2015 at 10:09 pm

I remember that cement trough well, all the Scottish Highland cattle standing around it during summertime.

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