A Box in the Woods – Book learnin’

April 20, 2012

pile of books on a chair

Hellbent on coming up with a plan for my little building in the woods, I ordered up some library books for inspiration. Unfortunately—at least that’s how it seems at this point—the books were not only more disappointing than I anticipated, but the ideas I did glean have spoiled what bit of a plan I did have.

Well, it’s better to re-arrange my ideas now than after we’ve started shoveling and hammering. But I am feeling quite confused and am pressuring myself to somehow shake out a new vision—like, yesterday already would be soon enough.

There are some things that I know I am still set upon:
Vintage corrugated steel on the exterior
Salernes style floor tile in the kitchen
Wood plank floor elsewhere
Lots of glass on the south face
Sleeping area opens to the east
Reclaimed Carrara marble counters and shelves

So I realize that that’s not much in light of a plan for a building, but hey; I’m a slow planner.

Okay, I need to get back to perusing (and re-perusing) the books in this tall stack (the disappointing ones were already cast aside before I snapped the photo). Later.

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