Forty nine days. Day Eight

December 27, 2011

There are a few things on my mind these days. Quite a few things, actually. Of course at this time of year there is the implicit task of reviewing the year just past and planning ahead for the year to come. What have I accomplished in 2011, what has touched me? What shall I pursue in 2012?

Fortunately for me I am mid-training program for the 5K that I will run on January 27, 2012. So, I am in the midst of feeling the accomplishment of beginning to run (again) and I have the goal of the race itself.

However, this 5K pursuit has spawned a new goal, and I am glad about that, but a little baffled. See, I recently realized that I have been talking, animatedly, about the strides I am making in my training program and about the upcoming event. I realized that I am stoked about the things I am doing leading to the 5K. I am thrilled with the tangible progress I am making, and I am delighted with the novelty of the event.

And so I have decided that I want to–consciously–bring something else into my life that brings me the same sensibilities. I dunno, maybe for other people that is not even a consideration, maybe your lives are bubbling with feeling stoked about your pursuits. But honestly, for me such enthused joy has been missing. Well, at least for any extended stretch–and this new-found happiness with my strides toward the 5K has been rolling steady for many weeks now. That sustained and real excitability feels great; it feels alive.

Now, I have no particular idea what it will be, this next new thing I aim for. I am open to suggestions.

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