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April 27, 2011

Service Berry

Today was a busy one, with not a lot accomplished. Even though I was up and at ‘em early on, the shop was busy and I also ran afoul of a few things.

I managed to bung up the big grinder I’ve been using as a polisher on the inside of my aluminum travel trailer, so I didn’t get more than one wee section polished. I switched to sanding drawer fronts, and that went fine, although the sky started to drizzle, which put a kibosh on sanding (since I was outside). So I switched to scrapping up old linoleum, but didn’t get far on that before even more people showed up at the shop.

While I was tending shop, I continued to study my new Bible, the RV Repair and Maintenance Manual. This book is GREAT. Very thorough AND understandable. And although it is called a repair and maintenance manual, in the process of describing repairs, the author also describes what things are and how they work. So, I am learning about the nuances of trailer house plumbing, solar power, refrigeration, and so on. For example, it is vital that propane refrigerators are kept level while stationary and running, lest the liquid gas that makes them refrigerate, pools. Who knew?

Amongst all this, I managed to contact the local Conservation District about the plants they still have for sale, and ordered myself two cherry trees, three lilacs, three service berry plants, three mock oranges, and three native rose bushes. According to the info sheets, I can expect to be picking cherries from the trees before I am sixty; that amuses me.

Tonight, some research into the light and moisture preferences of the plants I ordered, and then settle in with the dog and a movie.

Photo: Service Berry by Doug Olberding, with this note: Service berry, or Saskatoon berry as it is called in Canada, produces a dark blue mid-summer berry that, from select plants, can be quite sweet. Native Americans often used it as the fruit component in pemmican. [Interestingly, Mr. Olberding's summer residence is only about 10 miles from my place.]

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Kellie Knight August 23, 2011 at 1:47 pm

Tasted my first Saskatoon jelly when I was home last in Northern Minnesota. It was nice and fine for a jelly.

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