Polishing the Minnow

April 23, 2011

Just a little update on my Streamline Trailer project. First, I’ve been away for about three weeks, and didn’t make much progress in that time except to find two little “spice racks” at ReStore in Seattle and do lots of research.

The polish that I had ordered from Nuvite arrived while I was away, so I only just two days ago cracked open the jars and tried it out. As I’d feared, it’s not real suitable for my needs, even the extra gritty goo that is alleged to be for oxidized aluminum. Well. So much for making choices via Internet research.

Thwarted by the much-touted Nuvite, I decided to try blending my own goo, a mix of the non-scratching abrasive, Bon Ami, mixed with another recommended polish, Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish. I smeared some on, replicating the process used for Nuvite and hit it with the industrial strength buffing machine.

And got not much to get excited about.

So, taking things another step toward “harsh”, I used triple-ought steel wool and rubbed on my Bon Ami Mothers Polish concoction. And hey, with this we got somewhere. Heartening!

It’s obvious now that the interior of the Minnow will never have a mirrored finish (not that I was ever really aiming for that). There are too many variables in the aluminum sheeting, and honestly, I don’t want to work that hard. Getting a mirror finish would be hours and hours and hours of work. Plus, gobs of money in supplies.

And, that industrial buffer is heavy!

But the good news is that I think we can get a nice enough finish. It’ll be a little motley in places, but honestly, I like an aged look on walls (I miss that about European buildings). So, I will proceed with stripping the bits of paint that remain, and continue on with the project.

By the way, my latest wild-hair scheme is to remove the bathroom from the back end of the trailer, and instead create an external wash house, with a shower and composting toilet. I mean, who doesn’t prefer to pee in the great outdoors?

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