Beth suggests I stop thinking. I think that might be a good idea.

April 22, 2011

Lately I’ve stumbled on some images that disturb me. First, there were the chocolate crucifixes in the Easter candy aisle at Walmart. Then last night I came upon the collection above.

I was a little bored, and honestly, since that amazing dream I had the other night, I have been a little lonely. So, I was farting around in the m4w section on Craigslist. To see what’s out there and how is this dating thing going these days.

Let’s hope Craigslist is no indicator (of anything), given that the above is just about the best thing that I saw on there. (Well, except for a couple of creative and articulate—but very young—tattooed beauties.)

So anyway, this set of four photos disturbs me. Not so much that the photos per se are disturbing. What bothers me is what I make of this.

Upper left photo: The man travels, gets outdoors. That’s good.

Upper right photo: The man spends time in places with books, and with pink Xmas trees. More points for both.

Lower left photo: Hmmm. Beginning to look like the outdoor shots were all taken at the Sears portrait studio, using assorted paper backdrops.

Lower right photo: Oh dear. Fourth photo really reinforces the faux outdoor backdrop thing. Note the same pose in each photograph—his left arm outstretched. He snapped all these himself … gathering Kodak souvenirs of places he’s been.

Cool. I know I like to have photo memories of places I’ve traveled. But. There’s something very lonely about a self-portrait, repeated. Four times.

Oh, and p.s. I think he lied about his age, too.

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