With Some Air and Abrasive

March 21, 2011

Today my brother pulled out bundles of yellow and rust-brown airhose and a pneumatic die grinder, and chopped off the aluminum parts that I wanted gone from my Streamline trailer.

I am thrilled with the difference this has made—opening up the front of the trailer to the back, and by “revealing” the window that was at the aft of the trailer, it brightens things up.

And it sounds dramatic to say that this will double the kitchen countertop area, but that’s because there wasn’t much countertop to start with :)


kitchen cabinet before removal - Streamline trailer


kitchen cabinet after removal Streamline refurb

I also quite like how now there is a nice long row of upper cabinets; it seems to draw more attention to the architecture of things. Of course, it will all look different once the cabinet doors are back in place.

Still waiting for the Nuvite polish to arrive. If it’s warm enough outside tomorrow I guess I’ll get in there and strip off some of the last of the paint. And there’s always old linoleum to rip out, although I was thinking I’d leave that until after the polishing project is done.

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