Streamline Kitchen Changes

March 19, 2011

Today was a half-day in the Streamline, prepping to remove some “walls” which means I was drilling out rivets and loosening old screws.

I want to remove a bit of the cabinet in the kitchen (marked in green), to increase countertop area (of which there is presently about two and one-half square foot). The remaining cabinet will be about 1/3 as deep, and therefore actually much more functional. I’ll take the front framework off the existing cabinet to re-place it after the larger panel is cut out. Then re-hang the existing cupboard door (not shown here) or perhaps leave them as open shelves (an option, since I plan to park the trailer and not to travel with it).

1958 Streamline kitchen remodel

I have removed the backsplash in preparation for cutting the aluminum panel, and will remove the remaining section of backsplash as well, in preparation for the interior aluminum polishing. The backsplash is simply secured with aluminum “molding” holding it in place–no glue!

It will be a snap to replace the backsplash. I could end up with an entirely different countertop, but I actually quite like the existing “bleached oak” Formica and it is in decent condition. I’ll see what comes to light as things progress.

I am also removing another hunk of existing cabinets as shown below. These are above the area where the refrigerator was (and will again be) located. Yes, I will be losing cabinets, but I have never liked the way this sharp edge suddenly appears when entering the trailer from outside–it’s right there by my head, ominous.

The existing storage is also not very practical, for me; I am not a tall girl, so to use this storage as-is would always require standing on stepstool to see in and be able to reach. So, away it goes.

1958 Streamline re-furb/re-model

Once I have a replacement refrigerator I will have a better idea of how to use the remaining space beside and above it. Perhaps shelves. Perhaps baskets. Perhaps a bit of custom cabinets.

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