The “Breathe Me” Collaboration

March 18, 2011

Sonia and I met again today to work on our art installation. Of course she is still in San Francisco and I am still in the middle-of-nowhere, Washington—which means we meet online.

Today is the deadline for submitting our description for the festival’s catalog, so again we were working with words. This was a challenging chore—trying to sum up the installation in two sentences, while providing some instruction to the future festival-goers about interacting with the project. Because we do want people to touch and partake, which is not the norm in art shows, right.

We went back and forth, using a Google online “document”–a blank document opened online which Sonia and I can write on simultaneously. I can see what she is writing, and she can see mine. It’s a wee bit like being inside each other’s head, seeing what the other person is thinking as we type and cross out … and add to each other’s written thoughts.

It’s the perfect tool for the two of us at this point in the project. We are both contemplative, quiet people, prone to the written word. It took more than an hour to distill our 3D art project into something for the printed page, but we both are very pleased with the 32 words we assembled.

Breathe Me by Leila Anasazi and Sonia Lei

Breathe Me invites you to explore the erotic on a primal level. Eight evocative scents hidden within beautiful boxes await your discovery throughout the galleries. Close your eyes. Breathe deep. Conjure the erotic.

Plan to come experience Breathe Me, at Seattle Erotic Art Festival, May 22 – 23, 2011.

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