Quiet Shift

March 6, 2011

What an amazing morning. Something has definitely shifted! Overnight, it seems, the morning air has changed.

Bird song, which has been mostly absent all winter. And the sunlight was warmer—the tones were warmer, the rays felt more warm on my body, even though the ambient temperature was what it’s been for a week, near 20°F. Nice!

This afternoon there was a cloud of red-winged blackbirds came hunting for snacks. Five of them, gathered in the tree by the henhouse, and taking turns at the bird feeder that I’d stocked with cracked corn this morning. My brother had seen one yesterday; I guess word got around. They will be here through the summer, and I am happy about that.

Red Winged Blackbird by Carol Von Canon

Photo: Red Winged Blackbird by Carol Von Canon and used with Creative Commons license.

(A group of blackbirds has many collective nouns, including a “cloud”, “cluster”, and “merl” of blackbirds. — iBird Pro app for the iPhone)

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