Presentation Boxes

February 28, 2011

I’ve been short-listed!

Another artist and I concocted an idea for an installation at the upcoming Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, and we submitted a proposal a few weeks ago. Today an email arrives:

I am writing to you to tell you that your submission to SEAF has been put on the short list of works that we are interested in . . . we would like to know more about how the finished pieces might look . . .

Given that we sent them a proposal, and not anything that has already been built, the Co-directors have asked for more details. So today I worked on some sample pieces—bits that I am calling “Presentation Boxes.” It’s kind of funny, that for years I have been saving swell boxes with a notion that I would someday decorate them (like I did today), and here finally is some impetus to do so.

I have left the exteriors rather ordinary, saving the opulence as a secret surprise inside.

Presentation Boxes by Leila Anasazi

You might recognize these as vintage, cedar souvenir boxes. One was a jewelry box that said “His, Alaska” on the top, and the other is one of the ubiquitous miniature cedar hope chests that were distributed by the furniture maker, Lane. I like how the cedar wood grain comes through the decoupaged rice paper I put on “His”.

Presentation Boxes by Leila Anasazi - cedar souvenir boxes reworked to be especial treasure boxes for important and lovely gifts and treasures.

Surprise! Gold leaf, velvet, silk braid, sealing wax.

Detail of the Presentation Box titled, "His"

Detail of the Presentation Box titled, "Lois Lane"

I hope you can imagine receiving a special treasure in one of these?

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