ZZZZzzzzzz. Not.

January 16, 2011

I am so very tired, but cannot get to sleep. My head is zooming, thinking of this and that, designing little things, having mock conversations with folks.

This has been going on for many nights now. The natural world out there is noisier, with the water constantly dripping from the snow melting off the roof. And, my housemate isn’t sleeping well, either; if I’m not up wandering around insomnia-striken, he is rustling around. Oh, and then there are the coyotes, and their high-pitched yaps.

But my trouble falling asleep probably also has something to do with taking naps during the day. But, I’ve been so exhausted, I succumb, and sleep for a few hours mid-day.

It was a day or two before I left Seattle that I could feel my fibromyalgia kicking in–just in my legs, an ache all around, like I was wearing a pair of a way-too-tight support hose, a constrictive ache.

This worsened after I was home, and then the fatigue arrived. And then the head-cold came on.

So I’ve been laying low for almost two weeks now. Soooo aggravating. But I fear that if I try and push myself, the fibromyalgia will seriously flair, and then I may as well settle in for a good long stretch of bed rest. Yuck.

So here I am at 11:30 p.m., wanting to sleep, and stressing about not sleeping. Great. Such a wasteful vicious cycle.

Pardon my vent.

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