Live on Etsy

December 2, 2010

After mumbling for years about my intentions to build a shop on Etsy, I’ve finally started really using the Etsy virtual storefront. And I’m loving it.

As you might know, I have a lot of “Cool Stuff”. I have too much cool stuff, and a strong internal magnet for attracting even more. Just last week I bought an amazing tiny brass bird cage and three boxes of funky wood letters. Oh, and an autograph book from the 1800s. Swell.

My friends have long encouraged me to open a retail store. But I’ve worked retail gigs, and my parents owned an antiques shop for decades.  know retail is demanding, and a tough way to make a living. Etsy is a different beast.

My goal is to divest myself of as much of my cool stuff as I can–with a current aim to list $100.00 worth of merchandise a day, or an average of $500.00 per week. I’ve got a few things to get dialed in, but for now, I’m zooming as best I can.

The Ordinary Beauty on Etsy.

My aim is to lis

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