Timber (Mis) Management

November 10, 2010

These trees are a representative sample of what remains in an area which was clear-cut about five years ago. A man named Mark McBroom bought this property, logged it, and then left.

Turn 180° from looking at this clear-cut stand and this is what you will see:

These acres were selectively harvested, using practices for maintaining a healthy stand of timber. This logging was done a few years before the clear-cutting. Trees were harvested with an eye toward opening the forest to help protect the remaining trees from disease, insects, and forest fire. The logging also left a varied stand of trees, with variety in age, size, and species. This, too, helps the vitality of the trees, and provides for the natural regeneration of the forest.

This logging was conducted by a family that had been in the area for more than thirty years. This was their third cycle of harvesting.

Logging, per se, is not inherently evil. Please make a note of it. Thank you.

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