Made in China — Your Money to China, duh.

November 6, 2010

So rumours are that additional U.S. currency is going to be printed and added into circulation; somehow this is going to make our lives better, more prosperous.

While I aced my college economics classes and I’ve read a few recent articles about this whole print-more-money, cause-inflation, make-life-better notion, I really can’t provide a good “economic” argument against this plan. (Well, aside from the obvious, that who wants money that is pulled out of thin air; obviously it is of no real value.)

I can say, that devaluing what is left of my retirement savings is not going to make me happy. I can’t imagine it will make you happy, either.

I propose (and I’m talking to U.S. citizens now) that we all do a very simple thing: Buy Made In USA. And, PAY CASH.

For the rest of the year—all the way through holiday shopping—if it’s not Made in USA and you can’t buy it outright, then don’t buy it. Exceptions to the Made in USA rule will be allowed for second-hand items. And catalog and online shopping is included in the plan–if you cannot tell where it was made, don’t buy it.

Sure, this will destroy holiday sales for big places such as Wal-Mart, Costco, the Gap, Best Buy, and Old Navy. But how much do you care about corporate welfare over that of your friends and neighbors?

Yes, I am simplifying. But if I only cause you to pay closer attention to the origins of the things in the stores, then perhaps that will help make a difference. And, please don’t complain too loudly about the economy, if you’re not trying to buy goods that keep our money close to home.

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