Why Would I Make Up Anything?

September 18, 2010

Sometimes people don’t believe what I say. I don’t know why people don’t believe me always; it’s not like I’m a poker player or running for political office, but sometimes I’ll say something and folks are all, “Nah. That’s not true.”

For instance, when I listed “octopus wrestling” as a sport during a game of Scattergories. My friends denied my claim and wouldn’t let me have my well-earned points for knowing a sport that begins with the letter O. (Full disclosure: they also disallowed “hat” as an answer to “something you find in the ocean” so maybe they’re just a bunch of hard-noses when it comes to playing Scattergories ;-)

Another thing I’ve said that got brutal rebuttal, is that chickens can live loose, without a coop to roost in. Well, they can, and I don’t know that they wouldn’t often prefer the great outdoors over a stanky chicken coop. Not that I have anything against coops; I like them, even.

So, the shot above is of my brother’s chickens settling down about dusk tonight. I initially took the pic to send to a friend and say, “Look, you could keep chickens in your garage” (a garage that has become half workshop). But then I remembered all the flack I’ve gotten when I spout off about chickens, and plus I liked the photo, so here it is on my blog. And yes, that gorgeous rooster has both his legs. The one-legged stand is called “rete mirabile” and preserves his body heat.

The photo below is of the one chicken that I’ve been hand feeding. In it, he’s noticed me standing taking pictures, and now he’s waddling over to see if I’ve any ground corn in hand for him. (I’ve named him Matzah Ball ’cause I know that he’s destined for the chopping block. I dunno if naming him so is just practical, or sick and twisted.)

But at least here he’s giving me a classic evil eye (he keeps his adorable eye on the left side of his head).

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