Me Ow

August 5, 2010

Last night I dreamed of a big cat. Well, it was a kitten of a big cat, so it was a big kitten, on its way to becoming a big cat.

But it was striped, in golden colors, so it was not the kind of big cat that inhabit my 31.36-acre wood. Those cats are cougars and lynx. I’ve never seen one but I know they are there sometimes; they leave their droppings behind. Plus, Dad encountered a lynx one day, in his driveway, which is just down the hill from my property.

I think that lynx might be my favorite animal. I’ve always cherished the lynx hide that I have; it came into the family when my great grandmother shot it with her 22 pistol one snowy winter, because it was prowling her wood pile. It’s a soft, beautiful, magical hide.

Until today though I’d never intellectually tended to the “meaning” of lynx. I just now read some about lynx on Wikipedia so I could add some links (no pun intended) to this note. And apparently, lynx are sometimes called “the keeper of secrets of the forest“−and that seems very appropriate as I come closer to spending more time in my 31.36-acre wood.

Photo: Bobcat – Lynx rufus by docentjoyce and used with Creative Commons license

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