Off With Her . . .

July 11, 2010

I had thought that this month’s NaBloPoMo theme of “Saved” would be a perfect one for me to use for exploring my own proclivity for acquiring and preserving odd bits. And, I suppose it still is. It’s just that I keep meandering off into thoughts of the things that I have lost—quite the opposite of “saved”.

I have to say though that this headless mannequin somehow yanks me back to the reality of the oodles of my material possessions—and the fact that A MOVE is in my near future. Somehow I need to move somewhere—both of which are as-yet-to-be-determined.

But I know that someday soon I will need to pack up my home and make a new one somewhere. You know, I’ve lost count of how many times in my life I have moved, but the number must be around 30 or 40. And I am good at moving, the technical aspects of it, packing, loading the truck, etc. But I abhor moving. I really, really do.

This shadow of a move in my future is one big impetus for my continuing sorting and winnowing my possessions. Pretty much each day I look around me and reduce what I own, by actually using it up, giving it away, or flat out pitching it in the trash (or recycling). I have the most fun with “using up” because most of that is happening during the little arts & crafts sessions that I have here with my friends. I do admit though that those don’t use up much . . . if anything, as we put the ribbons and buttons and glitter to new uses, I tend to revel in a sense of “Oh look, see, it was a good thing that I saved that.”

I certainly haven’t reached my goal of last summer when I began in earnest the jettisoning. Back then I proclaimed, “75% OFF” as the amount that I wanted to be rid of. I dunno, I might have reduced my things by 40% . . . not too bad all things considered.

But really, I need to keep my attention at it. It’s tough to winnow much when it’s mostly wheat and not much shaft, but in the words of that mighty little train

I think I can. I think I can.

Photo: Headless Mannequin by Curious Expeditions and used with Creative Commons license.

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