Hit the Road, Jack

July 9, 2010

Next week I go on my first Airstream adventure. This photo is of the fer-true rig that I’ll be camping in, not just some purely representative image I dug up on the Internet. :)

This is the same Airstream that my (ex) husband and I tried to buy from my brother awhile back, but couldn’t because my brother’s (now ex) wife was laying claim to this trailer as he and she were going through a (well-documented as contentious) divorce. So, my (now ex) husband and I didn’t buy it … Which is just a long-winded way of saying, yes, I’m gloating (just slightly) that I get to go play in this Airstream and my ex does not.

Maybe my marriage would have been saved if we’d been able to purchase this Airstream, and gone gallivanting about in it like we’d schemed. Not be home all last summer while my ex hammered out the concrete patio in our garden and mentally ravaged our marriage (yes, I am still bitter. You think for some reason I wouldn’t be?).

Maybe if we’d been traveling together instead, things now would be different. Maybe. And maybe the unraveling would have only been delayed.

And then he and I would have fought over custody of the Airstream.

We’re probably better off, as-is.

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