The Places I Can Go When I Don’t Know Any Better

May 17, 2010

I just had an amazing dream.


I was invited to be in a high-wire bicycle act. The performer who was training me was adament that I would do just fine–but there was no training per se, just putting me on the bicycle and setting me off onto the wire.

At first, and oddly, I was set loose in a direction of travel opposite of the one used in the regular act. Over and over my “trainer” pulled me back, each time slightly farther than the last, each launch therefore slightly more powerful and each journey taking me slightly further.

In time, it was time to make my debut for the audience, and then–in the way of dreams–my trainer decided that we would do the act together, one of us riding on the shoulders of the other. And he thought that I ought to be the one on the wheels on the wire, because anything else would make a stack that was just too tall, I would be too frightened to be that high up.

As we stood on the launching platform talking about all this, I said that I was very nervous. But we reached into a striped, cardboard box of Cracker-Jack-prize looking things and began stuffing them into our pockets to rain on the crowd, and I proceeded to pull my hair up and out of harm’s way in preparation for our ride.

Image: Look No Hands! by George Boyce and used with Creative Commons license.

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George Boyce May 18, 2010 at 11:28 am

Looks pretty apt to me! Glad you could use the image, and thanks for the attribution. Kind regards.

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