Keep On Truckin’

May 9, 2010


Having some trouble today keeping faith. Fear. Sorrow. Grief. Emotions and doubts clouding this big-blue-sky morning.

The feelings get all jumbled up and it is difficult to rise above the mess. What is what? That twist in my belly, is it fear? The tension in my brow, is it anger? Or, more fear? The hot spot beneath my breastplate. Sorrow?

The tightness just beneath my ribcage. Emotions? Or just a natural result of six hours of Pilates this past week?

In any event, I am such a frightful mess today. On top of the puzzle of possibly buying a home, on top of the emotional fallout from talking with my (ex) husband last night, on top of some mounting angst for all the undone chores that await me—it is Mother’s Day. And mine is dead.

Thus, my admonishment to myself, Keep On Truckin’.

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