Just say, “Yes” to Seattle Erotic Art Festival

April 24, 2010

buttons in hallway.4

During my Mondo Beyondo work last month, one day the lesson was about saying, Yes. Part of the premise was about not seeing ourselves the same old way, and thereby releasing self-imposed restrictions on the possibilities for our lives.

Luckily, that was the same day that I was approached to create a wall ornamentation at Seattle Erotic Art Festival (SEAF). If this Mondo Beyondo encouragement to say yes had not been a guiding principal for the day, I would have outright declined the opportunity. But, I left the door open, and began talking with the festival organizers (although honestly I didn’t give a full-on Yes right away).

And then I contemplated, and realized I might be getting in over my head, uncomfortably. And I steeled myself to say, No.

But I had committed myself to Mondo Beyondo, and I stuck it out, and confirmed with SEAF that I would indeed make this wall happen.

Big leap.

Sure, sure, all I am doing is decorating the back sides of some of the walls that will display artworks on the other side. Sure, sure, it is only adornment, and not like it’s supposed to be high art or something. But, I mean, it is an art show and all …

While several people who know me have described me as, “perfect for this job,” I have actually never undertaken anything of this scale. Something like 60 running feet of wall, being adorned not as a result of some artistic notion that popped up for me, but a project that is really someone else’s notion.

Anyway. I am excited to be doing this. And I am excited to see the “theme” of the Festival unfurl. There’s an overarching storyline about Buttons, a postal worker who has a fetish for fish-eye buttons, and who inherits a Cabinet of Curiosities. You may already know that I have such a cabinet in my home, together with roughly five gallons of vintage buttons. Sympatico!

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eileen April 25, 2010 at 9:29 am

The focusing of your Brilliance, almost makes me wanna go see! post pics, please! I KNOW it will be terrific! E

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