The Old Days –

April 10, 2010

I did it! In a moment of “what the hell” I moved my blog posts from my first blog over here to Ordinary Beauty, which is (and has been for awhile) my main blog.

This required making two moves on my server which can mysteriously fail and cause things to implode, so I am giving myself 8,000 points for being brave today.

If you’re curious (or, bored) you can dive back into my early days of blogging by using the drop-down menu to the Archives, over there to the right in the side-bar.

And just oh-by-the-way, I’m stoked to have this “ancient” stuff here now, but do note, my Web writings go back much earlier—they’re just missing now out there somewhere, lost in the bones of ISPs gone dead. Perhaps someday I’ll convert files from old floppy disks and repost my original Web musings . . . or perhaps I will leave it be with today’s resurrecting, and just move forward from here.


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