curse of mercury

March 8, 2009

New realm for me, the studio. Watching how this music recording thing works.

I have no ear for this. I try, believe me. But I just don’t hear the things that the average human hears, let alone what these engineer, producer, musician people hear.

However, I can sit here and watch, and be fascinated. It’s fun. It’s like watching a ballet. The hands across the console, the drum sticks enroute to drumhead, fingers plucking the bass strings. And I can channel that fascination into something akin to understanding and appreciation for the art of recording this music-sort of feign that I grok what is happening here.

I do definitely understand the over and over and over again element. Practice, hone, refine, perfect.

After a time, Rob announces that they’ll run through the song twice more, and be done. And they do. Doc proclaims, “It ain’t going to get any better it’s only gonna get different.”

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