Water. Week of water, the end.

November 15, 2008

Last day of water week, and I spent the entire day with a sharp knot in my belly and another sharp tension in my skull. Well, we were warned that it would be a week of emotions.

Tomorrow begins Fire week, and I will spend part of the day packing for a trip to the sunshine (Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico). I know that my decision (today) to travel by myself to this place my husband introduced me to, well, the deciding was a large source of the knots in my body.

So I am at an interesting juncture–today’s work of moving past victim thinking and into choosing our lives–on into tomorrow’s challenge to take risk, confront fear, and have faith.

Oh man. Help me Mr. Wizard.

p.s. all my new friends who’ve been along for this “Soul Coaching” ride, I’ll be offline pretty much starting Monday the 17th and on through Monday the 24th; the Internet connection in Yelapa is much less available than the one in Seattle. There goes my NaBloPoMo cred, but oh, well.

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