Day One – Water Week

November 9, 2008

Me. Not quite a year ago, happier days. I loved being in Yelapa, beside the sea–all the water, and the relentless force of the water. The waves truly pounding, day and night. I’m told the sea is quieter there in November, about now, and easier to swim. But when I was there in February, the sea seemed too mighty for my timidness, and I swam only once in the week we stayed.

Last night I began this week of “water” by shedding tears. Torrents.

Of course I did not intend to be so symbolic about embarking on Water Week. However, “dive” in I did.

And then I wondered, where and what are tears before they leave my body? How does my body know what to stock up for crying?

Today’s “Soul Coaching” assignment begins with reflecting upon the turning points in my life. One way I might approach that is to consider the occasions when I’ve released rivers of tears. That would certainly be consistent with the water theme of the week.

I am going now to soak in the hot waters of the hot tub and watch the birds fly and the maple leaves fall, and I am going to ponder my turning points. If I am quiet enough, perhaps I will see the direction in which to turn now, at this marked juncture of my life.

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Michael November 9, 2008 at 8:54 pm

Ah the turning points. They are tricky as they do not advertise themselves. In fact, we often only recognize them in retrospect.

Yes, there are pivotable moments, moments when we know for sure that life is forever different.

There is a word in Chinese “qing”, it is made up of the water radical and the character for “clean and still.” When our world is muddied up, turbulent and unclear, then what is called for is NOT action. But, first to “qing,” to quiet, settle and clear. Let the mud fall to the bottom, let the density come of our experience. Quiet and clear, qing, then from the clarity we can see the options that were obstructed by turbulence.

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