Four & Twenty Blackbirds: some good things about the season

September 4, 2008

Kim and Lucy were over to the house last night, and we had an amazing meal–which deliciously accommodated all our menu proclivities: no wheat, garlic, onion, beets, beans, or spicy-hot items.

Lucy Kee and Kim Black with dinner

Herb-rubbed blackened salmon, heirloom tomatoes with a fennel-thyme sauce, good ole rice, and then vanilla bean ice cream which appeared out of nowhere (from the ice cream making machine that Kim set up outside on our deck, and which churned while we were dining on dinner).

Some people have a beautiful intercourse with food–their fingers stroke the ingredients and food yields beneath their hands, becoming something more under their touch. Kim has this gift (so does our dear friend, Tiberio. I do not.)

I love when people come and cook in my kitchen. I watch their dances and magic gestures. Sure, as someone who does not cook, of course I rhapsodize about those who can, but there are those who have love affairs with food, and it is a joy to watch them at play/work.

Kim and Lucy are available to bring such joy to you (and your guests). Drop me a comment if you want to get in touch, and watch for their website to spring up: Four & Twenty Blackbirds.

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