Todd Rundgren, July 9, 2008 – The Triple Door, Seattle, WA

July 9, 2008

Okay. Perhaps I’ve been a little too hard on the FANS, lumping all FANS together, when really only some of them are aptly labeled “stagnant”. I mean, some people really just are passionate about music and musicians. With all due respect I ought to acknowledge that. So.

We had amazing seats at the show tonight. Inches from the stage. So close I could read the label on the hem of Todd’s black T-shirt (Calvin Klein). And The Triple Door is such a civilized venue. Really a different place than Aladdin Theater. Plus the food and cocktails are amazing.

But those are just the perks.

No “music reviews” from me on tonight’s show. I’m not so qualified for that. But I can give you a “people” review.

Todd was not so cranky as last night. In fact, I couldn’t say he was cranky at all. All the musicians seemed happier, seemed more delighted, pleased with the music they were concocting. And, I liked the show much more; I always find joy in watching people create something together, and I love it even more when they are obviously finding joy in it themselves.

And when the creation is tinged with genius … I love that the most. So, I pretty much loved tonight.

I hope many, many copies of “Arena” are sold, and that many, many ears hear this music.

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Susan July 12, 2008 at 12:35 am

Spot on summation of Todd at The Triple Door. Thanks for an excellent read.
Driving back to Canada yesterday my husband and I wore big silly smiles all the way to the border – we just so enjoyed the show….but our smiles soon faded with the realization we might miss the 3pm ferry back to the Island.
Oh Canada.
Since I am not one of those FANS who has pictures of myself alongside the master (sigh..), I had to suffice with touching his shoe. Again. I think that just makes me a sick fan.
Fascinated by your excellent blog, by the way. Thanks for the tip, Perry.
Website? Uhhh, nope. Unless you would be interested in the website for the non-profit I work for.

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