my new I-pod just about ruins my wedding

July 3, 2007

So, Rob’s been crafting some very specific playlists for our wedding. Hours in I-tunes of drag and drop and arranging. And the plan was of course, to place it all on our I-pod and happily scroll through the wedding day.

Well, Perry’s I-pod failed (for the third time), so we went I-pod shopping. Decided the Nano was the best candidate, but was concerned that its 1000 song capacity wouldn’t handle six hours of music, so went home to ask Rob. Nope, he says it was just fine, lots of room, so the boys went off to throw more of our money at the Apple store gang.

Okay, so home again jiggetty-jig. Onward to transferring the playlists.

Or, not. Seems my sweet new Nano demands the most modern of I-tunes, which is not an option, as that demands an os upgrade, and that’s not an option b/c previously loaded (and recently upgraded) ProTools won’t run on a more modern os.

WTF?! I can’t run my new I-pod b/c I can’t run the new I-tunes?

Meanwhile, I-tunes upgrades itself, or something. And then DEMANDS a new os, refusing to reveal anything from I-tunes until then.

Well, for those of you following along at home, this means we now cannot access the playlists. At. All.

Lucky for me I have a penchant for geeks, and the resident geeks get to it. Out comes the os disks, out goes the new I-tunes, in comes the old I-tunes, and voila, playlists can be found.

But that’s only part of the solution. Remember, no upgraded I-tunes means there’s nothing for my I-pod to relate to. So, out comes an external harddrive, add a few new folders to it, drag the playlists from the old I-tunes to the harddrive, and traipse through the house to another Mac, upgrade its I-tunes, and–voila–move all those hours of hand-crafted playlists onto my new Nano.

It shouldn’t be this hard.

Don’t get me wrong. I support anti-pirating efforts. But. This. Was. Ridiculous.

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