Jury duty. NOT.

October 11, 2006

It is 2:19 p.m. I am STILL sitting, waiting. My name has yet to be called, so I wear my “JUROR” badge with some falseness. All that I am juror of is this process.

If it weren’t for my experience at the law office, I would be extremely frustrated by now. There are dozens of us here who have not even yet been called to voir dire. Just waiting for I don’t know what.

But I’ve learned that, at least in civil matters, people settle their differences at the last minute, avoiding the cost and stress of trial. So, the court can’t really predict if we’ll be needed or not.

So, when you pack your bag to head out for the call for jury duty, you’ll want to include some snacks and beverages, maybe lunch even, those thank-you notes you’ve been meaning to write, a couple of pens (’cause one will run out), aspirin, hand lotion, a couple of tasty treats, your fully charged cell phone. And dress comfortably. Duh, but hey, this is a LOT of sitting, in standard issue cafeteria chairs. Hard on the arse.

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